What do you think of when someone mentions Italian food? Mexican food? Chinese food? You may think that you really know what these things are, but the truth is unless you’ve visited the countries of origin, you have a skewed perception of these cuisines. In America, we are notorious for one thing, making our own

One of the most important parts of travel in any country is the food. Eating authentic food is the best way to experience the culture in the region you are visiting, and many times, it is like nothing else you will ever taste. Unique only to that area, and something you will never forget. Here

Foods You’d Never Think Of (or Eat) Maggots build heftA great and well-respected hunter once cooked fish for me. Arctic Char possible the best eating fish in the world. Arctic is in the salmon family but usually grows smaller than Atlantic Salmon. Normally, we Inuit eat fish fresh out of the water, raw and the

Every person has a different palate. To name the top ten bar drinks is not easy. From New York to California the popularity of drinks will vary just as each person’s taste for a cocktail does. The cocktails listed are those that have stood the test of time over the years. The martini This classic

What is olive oil?  Why are there different kinds?  You may have asked yourself this when a recipe calls for extra virgin, pure, or light olive oil. Or when you are at the grocery store and walk down the aisle and see a variety of olive oils on display.   Does one taste better?  Which one

As a lover of all things Victorian, Victoria Sponge Cake ranks up there as one of my favorite sweet treats to enjoy with tea. A true Victoria Sponge Cake is unfrosted and features sweet jam between the cake layers. I confess that I take some liberties with Her Majesty’s favorite tea accompaniment. Especially in the

Every Thanksgiving, we scramble for new ways to use the massive quantities of leftover turkey. Some like sandwiches, but I prefer a nice, hot turkey pot pie. This is the recipe my grandmother gave me and I have been making it faithfully all year long for potlucks, gifts, and as a post-Thanksgiving treat that everyone

Energy drinks are very popular nowadays, especially amongst younger people. However, it does not matter which age group you belong to. Energy drinks are always bad for you. The more cans you drink, the more severe side-effects there will be. Of course, age can also add to health threats posed by energy drinks. So, why

An egg is one of the most nutritious items in the human diet. It contains essential vitamins, minerals and proteins, all of which are easily absorbed by the digestive system. However, when purchasing eggs, many consumers are confused. They wonder, ” What is the difference between white and brown eggs? Which shall I buy?” The