What do you think of when someone mentions Italian food? Mexican food? Chinese food? You may think that you really know what these things are, but the truth is unless you’ve visited the countries of origin, you have a skewed perception of these cuisines. In America, we are notorious for one thing, making our own

What is olive oil?  Why are there different kinds?  You may have asked yourself this when a recipe calls for extra virgin, pure, or light olive oil. Or when you are at the grocery store and walk down the aisle and see a variety of olive oils on display.   Does one taste better?  Which one

Every Thanksgiving, we scramble for new ways to use the massive quantities of leftover turkey. Some like sandwiches, but I prefer a nice, hot turkey pot pie. This is the recipe my grandmother gave me and I have been making it faithfully all year long for potlucks, gifts, and as a post-Thanksgiving treat that everyone

An egg is one of the most nutritious items in the human diet. It contains essential vitamins, minerals and proteins, all of which are easily absorbed by the digestive system. However, when purchasing eggs, many consumers are confused. They wonder, ” What is the difference between white and brown eggs? Which shall I buy?” The

Trader Joe’s is a supermarket/limited liquor store specializing in wines that comes out of California. Recently, two stores were built in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. Their specialties include inexpensive organic products and a lot of imported foods such as cheeses. They do not have everything, but if you want to get some exceptional value

If healthy eating habits are established in children from a young age, it helps instill a healthy attitude which is more likely to be continued into adult life. Growing children need key nutrients and vitamins from a varied diet to lead a healthy lifestyle and for healthy growth and development. There are many benefits of

There has been a lot of hype in recent years about trans fats. Most folks understand that trans fats are not good for them, but do not actually know what trans fats are, how they harm the body, and what foods contain trans fats. Allow me provide details about trans fats, including how you can

The explosion of IPAs (Indian Pale Ales) in the US market at the moment in causing nothing less than a taste sensation within the real ale world. According to beer experts the good US IPAs are amongst the worlds very best, surpassing the UK market, where they were originally invented. But what exactly is an

There are still some corners of the world where you won’t find a Starbucks chain. And there are people who only ever drink instant coffee. To the uninitiated, the modern world of gourmet coffee culture can seem a bewildering place. But it doesn’t have to be. Understanding the language of coffee culture is easy when