One of the most important parts of travel in any country is the food. Eating authentic food is the best way to experience the culture in the region you are visiting, and many times, it is like nothing else you will ever taste. Unique only to that area, and something you will never forget. Here

Foods You’d Never Think Of (or Eat) Maggots build heftA great and well-respected hunter once cooked fish for me. Arctic Char possible the best eating fish in the world. Arctic is in the salmon family but usually grows smaller than Atlantic Salmon. Normally, we Inuit eat fish fresh out of the water, raw and the

There can’t be many people in the world who haven’t tried Guinness. Think of Guinness and you think of Ireland, the beautiful emerald isle, the warm and friendly people and the lively uplifting music. Every time I drink a Guinness I cannot separate my warm memories from my various trips there, it seems that each

When you hear the phrase “addictive stimulant” what do you think of? Like most of us, you probably think of cocaine and meth. Two illegal drugs that are hard on the body, heart, and mind. You probably don’t think about the caffeine in coffee being included in this category, but it is. Caffeine is the

It is truly amazing how many cheeses there are that have a very peculiar smell if not a very bad smell. However, a bad smell is not bad at all when it comes to cheese. Its not like the bad smell of sour milk, whereas it has actually gone bad, and you wouldn’t dare think

I like going out to restaurants. Ask me out for breakfast, lunch or dinner and I’ll be there. Eating out is fun for me.  I like meeting the waitperson as much as I like eating the food.  Nothing will complete my day like having a good meal and being taken care of by a good

Limes are generally smaller than its counterpart the lemon and the aromatics and taste are completely different. Most of the fruit can be used in culinary dishes, the juice is the most popular but the peel (or zest) will pack an even bigger punch when grated and added to recipes. When I make a dish

Yes, it deserves, in my opinion, to be in a class of its own. For years I’ve wondered how to rank Tommy’s against the others. In the beginning, I ranked it at the top, along with Hamburger Henry’s. They were opposite sides of the same coin, one place serving elaborate and fairly expensive gourmet burgers,

A traditional full English breakfast is hearty and delicious. There will be slight variations depending on what part of England you’re in. Despite being high in cholesterol, an English fry up is thought to ease the effects of a hangover. It’s not surprising that it’s eaten mostly on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Eggs, whether fried, scrambled or poached, are the most important

In the nineteenth century the Duchess of Bedford got a bit peckish one afternoon. She realized she would never make it until late supper. So she invited some friends over for tea and cakes. Hungry Victorians loved the idea, and the custom of tea was born. This afternoon tea soon became formalized, with hand-written invitations,