What are the Top 10 Drinks at a Bar

Every person has a different palate. To name the top ten bar drinks is not easy. From New York to California the popularity of drinks will vary just as each person’s taste for a cocktail does. The cocktails listed are those that have stood the test of time over the years.

The martini

This classic drink is made with gin or vodka and mixed with a splash of vermouth. The martini can be served up or on the rocks. The martini within the last several years has taken many twists. From a cosmopolitan to a chocolate martini the types are limitless.


You cannot walk into a bar without seeing the beer offered on tap. Having an icy cold beer poured into a chilled glass with just a touch of foam on top is one of the best amenities of drinking in a bar.  


This popular drink made with a mixture of rum, sugar and mint is served on the rocks. It is a refreshing summer drink that is enjoyed by many.


The margarita is a traditional cocktail enjoyed during the hot summer days. Said to be discovered after World War II in California, this ever popular drink is a pleaser. Taking tequila, lime juice, and orange liquor this cocktail can be served frozen or on the rocks.

Bloody Mary

This delicious brunch cocktail is a mixture of vodka, tomato juice and just the right spices. You can garnish the drink with a pickle or celery stalk. A great Bloody Mary is made from scratch by a talented bartender.

The Manhattan

With a high end scotch, bitters and sweet vermouth this drink is served up or on the rocks. This cocktail has stood the test of time. It is a classic bar cocktail that can be enjoyed during any night out.

The Daiquiri

There are many variations of a daiquiri to choose from. Taking a fruit of your choice pour rum and ice into a blender and mix until it is a smooth frozen combination.

Vodka or gin and tonic

This is a traditional drink easy to make. Refreshing for any time of year chose your gin or vodka of choice, mix with tonic and garnish with a wedge of lime.

The Long Island Ice Tea

This drink is a mixture of several types of alcohol. You mix vodka, rum, tequila, rum, triple sec, coca-cola and sweet and sour mix pour over ice into a Collins glass. This is a strong but tasty beverage.

Sea breeze  

These drinks are popular summer cocktails. To make take a blend of cranberry, grapefruit juice and mix with vodka pour over ice and serve.

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