What has Caused the Increase in Soft Dring Usage in the us

The consumption of soft drinks in the United States has increased over the years. Studies show that boys drink more soda than girls. The age group of males 12-29 consumes over 600 gallons per year. This is a total of 2 quarts per day.

Advertising has targeted the young and is one of the leading reasons for the increase in consumption of soft drink in the United States. Coca Cola has 25% of the market when it comes to advertising, the soft drink beverage. Children are targeted in this market through toys, movies, playgrounds, amusement parks, and any media that will attract the attention of children.

The soft drink companies have seen the benefit of advertising by grossing over 57 billion in sales in the United States. So why break a good thing if it’s working?

Soft drinks are cheap, sweet and can give you an instant surge of energy. When your body needs an extra charge ofrkick start, you reach for a soda. This extra boost will get you through a few hours. It’s almost like being addicted, you get your energy fix for a while then you reach for another soft drink. This goes on until you have consumed about 12 or more sodas in a day’s time. The soft drink addicts are school children between the ages of 12 and 17.

In researching the reasons for the huge increase in soft drink consumption in the United States, the conclusions are: They are sweet, give you an instant boost for a while, are cheap, easy to get and with the advertising campaigns in your face everywhere you look and hear, a person doesn’t have a way to escape the issue of soft drinks. We as humans with free will just have to try them, and when tried, like an addict we go back again and again.

Are soft drinks healthy? No, but with the right education and consumption, exercise and diet, a person should be able to enjoy a cold refreshing soft drink. It’s up to parents, communities, schools businesses and government to educate people on the need to reduce the consumption of the soft drink. In doing this we will find a decrease in many of the major health issues that we face today, such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes.

Next time you need a boost, think about getting more exercise, replace your soft drink with a unsweented or water, limit your intake of soft drinks wherether its unsweented of sweetned.

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