What is your Favorite Ethnic Style of Food and why

Foods You’d Never Think Of (or Eat)

Maggots build heft
A great and well-respected hunter once cooked fish for me. Arctic Char possible the best eating fish in the world. Arctic is in the salmon family but usually grows smaller than Atlantic Salmon. Normally, we Inuit eat fish fresh out of the water, raw and the muscles still flinching. If you have a thing for fresh, that’s fresh. Arctic Char is just as good frozen. Frozen but slightly thawed that it’s easy to cut and chew.

The hunter who cooked for me took a fish we had caught a few days before. They had been in the boat and even in the arctic they were getting a little soft and suffering from flies. After the few days, the fly larvae, maggots would certainly be starting to form. Hence the cooking or as Gollem Smeggle would put it “he ruins it.” The great hunter made a thick batter of flour, coated the fillet of fish and tossed into a pan. The fillets began to sizzle in the deep oil and the great hunter winked said “maggots will put some substance on your skinny bones.”

Walrus Liver Mousse
What is the very best food I’ve ever eaten? Walrus liver. Frozen in 30 C and extremely chippy. Take a bit size piece and savor. As it thaws it melts in your mouth and chews like a mousse. It’s got a faint taste of blood and a mild liver taste. It beats Greek calamari and mangoes of the West Indies.

Canine Cuisine
I once ate a dog. Thankfully it was cooked. If you can pay more attention to your hunger than thinking which dog it was, it goes down well. Come to think of it, eating dog is not that strange. For instance it’s not unusual to eat dog in China. They even have restaurants specializing in canine and feline cuisine. Unusual cuisine is a cultural proclivity. When my family ate our dog, it was a step down from our preferred dish, a step in acknowledging that the larder had been bare a couple of days.

We having Rats for Dinner
No not that band or the clique at work but the rodent variety. We heard about prisoners eating rats to keep starvation at bay, but in Thailand for instance rats are food. Good nutritious food too. When a feral rat is caught it is even fattened up so it will make better eating. Cuisine and culture are just that, cuisine and culture.

Which are flowers. They make a nice addition to salad or a lovely garnish to a soup. My lovely wife even once put fresh garnish from the garden complete with a lively but a little sluggish earwig. An earwig is an unappetizing bug.

Fungus includes the greatly esteemed truffles. Many others are edible and delicious or savory but many are deadly. Do not even attempt to pick from the wild even with the help of an illustrated guide. Many mushrooms can be similar and sometimes only an experienced guide can distinguish between the toxic and the non-toxic. Teenagers especially are averse to the thought and taste of mushroom. Shitake anyone?

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