What is your Favorite Fast Food and why

Arby’s is a fast food restaurant that offers higher quality food, with a healthier menu choice, at an affordable price.

The 5 for $5.95 menu offers sandwiches, mozzarella sticks, drinks, and fries, even good old fashioned turn-overs (still warm!) at an affordable rate. Also I have found that in our area the manager is friendly, the service is good, and no-one complains if you have a large order.

Since I often feed a large number of teenagers, I usually end up ordering something like 25 Arby’s Melts. Arby’s is used to seeing me at their window, and the employees are glad to see me, rather than mad or frustrated knowing that I place a large orders.

Taco Bell might be a good second choice for others, considering taste, menu, quality of food, and value. 

I was a parton of their establishment on a pretty regular basis. One day as I went to order 20 chalupas (actually this wasn’t as big an order as I had made in the past) one of the young ladies made a HUGE scene about it. I was told that from now on I need to call ahead, and give at least a half hour´s notice.
Basically I choose not to patronize Taco Bell any longer for this reason. If I have to order ahead, I might as well order pizza, which at least I can get delivered right to my door.

Burger chains offer the same (pretty dull) menu. Greasy burgers. Cold fries. Stale onion rings (the ones that taste like the kind you get out of the freezer section in the grocery store, and didn’t cook long enough!)

Kentucky Fried Chicken offers a better selection, but the cost does not outweigh the benefits. (Unless you’ve got a craving)

Pizza is occasionally a good bet, depending on how many people you have to feed, and which chains are available in your area. Certain pizza chains are better than others.One may have a better tasting pizza, but will be more expensive. Another will have good deals, but the taste won’t be as great.

Hungry Howies is the best in our area, for price, taste, and service. I prefer to patronize Hungry Howies, also, because the chain is actively supportive of the community, and is always very generous in giving to charity organizations, or donating free pizzas to help with events such as our teen concerts, and Youth Center Functions. They also offer a great fund-raising program, that really does help non-profit charity organizations make extra money to continue in their work.

Fast food is fast. Faster is not always better. Nutritional content is pretty low in most fast food choices. A restaurant chain may offer the same food selections in every state, and city, but you will find that each one will have a higher or lower quality of taste, freshness and the service will vary from town to town, and manager to manager.

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