What you should know about Lager Beers

Did anyone of you ever noticed that a same brand of a lager beer can have a different taste every time you drink it in a different ambalage, because I know I have.Now after all these years of beer drinking I have come to the conclusion that if you try a certain brand of beer in a can or plastic, and than you try the same beer in a glass bottle you will come up with three different tastes of the same beer!However I was interested in this theory of mine enough to visit the local Brewery and get some information about it.As I was speaking with one of the managers of the Brewery it has come to my atention that the theory is 100% true.When the beer is botteled in a glass bottle the lightwaves go through the glass and make the beer fermentate which causes changes in its taste,bitterness and aclchohol level as well,it even makes a difference if the beer is bottled in a green or a brown bottle.Now when the beer is botteled in a can the lightwaves haven’t got a touch with the beer and therefore it’s less fermentated and has a different taste from the glass botteled beer.So if you don’t beleve me you should try the beer in both ways and you will taste the difference, if you don’t you’ll have to take my word for it…Cheers!

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