Which Country has the best Food

One of the most important parts of travel in any country is the food. Eating authentic food is the best way to experience the culture in the region you are visiting, and many times, it is like nothing else you will ever taste. Unique only to that area, and something you will never forget. Here are a few countries that are a must for sampling cuisine.

France – One of the more obvious choices on this list, France is famous for its food and fine dining. From snails to cheese and breads, they never provide anything less than perfection. Typically lunch is the main meal, made to be savored and appreciated over a two-hour seating. Six courses make up this feast, which is normally home-cooked.

India – Different from most countries, India’s cultural meals change depending on the area you visit. For instance, northern India serves most meals with a South Asian stone-ground bread known as roti, while in the south, most meals are served with rice. But in India, that is the only consistent food found in meals, the rest differs greatly from region to region. Of course the most unique part of Indian cuisine is the spices. This is the key ingredient in every dish, and is what gives Indian food its unique and sometimes unusual flavor.

Greece – There is no place where you will find food as fresh, almost all of the food you eat in Greece is caught or gathered the day you eat it. Octopus and fish are brought in daily from the Mediterranean, and next to France, you will not find better fresh-baked bread. Vegetables are fresh and tomatoes are unlike any you will taste in the USA.

Thailand – Tangy, and sometimes downright unusual, Thai food is something that requires some adjusting to. Most dishes are heavy on the lime juice and lemon grass, also garlic helps add to the uniqueness of these flavor combinations. Chilies are also commonly used in Thai cuisine. Fish sauces are common and add most of the salt to any dish you eat in Thailand.

Italy – What would this list be without Italy? Italy is so popular for its food that a lot of Americans get their inspiration from these saucy wonders. Though some regions have less common cuisines, you will find the traditional pizzas and pasta dishes that most people think of when they think of Italy. But, there is one thing you do not want to miss out on when traveling to Italy, and that is the coffee. There are dozens of different flavors to try and all are absolute perfection in the coffee world.


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