Which Countrys Food is the best why

What do you think of when someone mentions Italian food? Mexican food? Chinese food? You may think that you really know what these things are, but the truth is unless you’ve visited the countries of origin, you have a skewed perception of these cuisines. In America, we are notorious for one thing, making our own versions of things. We, as a country, have revamped the idea of everything from religion to family. Food is no exception. In this country, you will most likely find versions of different cuisines.

You can find Mexican food in America, but you won’t find much authetic Mexican food. We have our Taco Bells and our Chevys, but the food you are served here is not what you would find in Spain or Mexico. Run across a “taco truck” (something many sneer at) and you’ll be exposed to something more accurate.

Chinese food is no different. Do you think Chinese people have Panda Express in China? Let me set the record straight, they don’t. And if I’m incorrect and they do that idea is ridiculous. Go find some little hole-in-the wall place in an alley somewhere, run by people born in Asia, and you’ll find something that really can qualify. “Italian” food in America, I believe, is the most inaccurate. If you were to actually visit Italy, I can bet that most Americans would be in for a big surprise. Go ahead and visit for yourself and order up a pizza. What will be brought to the table will be much different than what you’ll have delivered to your door via Pizza Hut or Dominos.

I’m not trying to beat down Americas image. I’m just trying to get out there that many people may be claiming to enjoy something that, when it comes down to it, is nothing more than American cuisine. Although, America HAS managed to come up with some improvements to these country specific culinary creations. Many of these representations do contain a lot of or the same components. This country has just taken these components and done different things with them. I think what is wonderful about all this is that the US contains such a variety of food and has managed to make all of it “American food.” So, I ask this: why choose the cuisine from just China or Mexico, when you can choose America and have a little piece of everywhere? Even if all you are getting is a version, America has successfully provided a cornucopia of tastes, flavors, and varying degrees of spicyness from all over the globe. Ask what I choose and I’ll tell you, I choose American food.

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