Why Eat out instead of Eating in

I like going out to restaurants. Ask me out for breakfast, lunch or dinner and I’ll be there.

Eating out is fun for me.  I like meeting the waitperson as much as I like eating the food.  Nothing will complete my day like having a good meal and being taken care of by a good waitperson. Take the other day.  I had lunch at my favorite Greek restaurant.  The waitperson is a young woman who has waited on me before.  She has a pierced tongue – a little pearl stuck right in the middle of her tongue. It makes her pronounce any word with an ‘R’ come out sounding like a ‘W’.  She’ll say, “Hi! Nice to see you again! What would you like to dwink? We have a vewy nice stwawbewwy ice tea today!” It doesn’t seem to bother her and it sounds kind of cute. It just seems to fit. Anyway, I like it so I keep going back and asking for her.

There’s another restaurant that I frequent.  The waitperson is a young woman who attends college when she’s not working.  She is very outgoing and friendly and one day we just started talking. After waiting on me a few times she knew what my habits were and it was easy for her to anticipate what I was going to order. One day I walked into the restaurant and while I was being taken to my table she met me there with my usual drink – diet cola with a wedge of lime.  She also got used to me ordering a chicken salad that was finely chopped.  She asked me one day why I like the salad finely chopped and I told her that I hated having to sit there cutting up my salad before I could enjoy eating it. I just wanted to use my fork when I have this salad. She remembered that and now when I go in she has my diet cola with lime ready and she takes the knife away from my place setting! That’s real service in my book.

I probably have half a dozen restaurants near where I live that I go to fairly frequently. Once I settle on a waitperson that I like they all, to their credit, learn my habits and treat me like they have no other customers.  Some places I go into don’t bother handing me a menu – they know what I want. It makes life much easier!

I’m not sure if I’m just lucky and the restaurants I frequent just have great waitpersons or, maybe, because of the recession restaurants are stressing customer service now because it’s harder to get customers in the door. Whatever it is I hope it doesn’t change! I always leave these restaurants with a smile on my face – and to me, that’s everything!

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