Why Energy Drinks are Bad for you

Energy drinks are very popular nowadays, especially amongst younger people. However, it does not matter which age group you belong to. Energy drinks are always bad for you. The more cans you drink, the more severe side-effects there will be. Of course, age can also add to health threats posed by energy drinks. So, why exactly are energy drinks bad for you?

High caffeine content

The biggest flaw of energy drinks is high caffeine content. Even one can of any energy drink will elevate your heart rate and blood pressure enough to threaten your health. Drinking these beverages several times a day will almost certainly damage your heart health.

Another unpleasant and potentially health-threatening side-effect of caffeine is dehydration. You could lose consciousness or even die if you do not watch your intake of fluids. And to be honest, most people tend to forget about this problem when they are on energy drinks. They rather focus on the task at hand. That is very dangerous.

Sadly, there is another side-effect that is equally as dangerous as loss of fluids. High quantities of caffeine have a bad influence on quality of sleep and can even cause sleeplessness.

Immediate effect – immediate turn off

People usually intake energy drinks when they are tired. They just need to accomplish something before they can take a nap. Others need to drive for few more hours. The effect is immediate. However, most people do not realize that these drinks can stop working as fast as they begin. As soon as all the calories contained within the drink are gone, you have no more energy to burn. This is particularly dangerous when driving. Many accidents were caused by drivers who suddenly fell asleep after the effects of energy drinks wore off.

Combining energy drinks with alcohol

Partying youth also often relies on energy drinks. They help them stay awake and active the whole night. Sadly, they usually drink several cans in a span of few hours. That alone is very dangerous. However, they often combine these drinks with alcohol too. Such a combination can easily prove fatal. Caffeine from energy drinks causes dehydration. Alcohol has the same effect. The combination of both has far more severe effects than any of these substances taken alone. This puts any such a person at high risk of death. And it is a very unpleasant death.

To conclude, energy drinks have many side-effects. Probably the most notable ones are the side-effects of caffeine. Energy drinks contain a lot of caffeine, so those effects are strong too. Frequent intake of energy drinks can then lead to decline of heart health. Energy drinks can also cause sleep problems. Falling asleep immediately after calories from the drink are burned is another threat. Many careless motorists lost their lives because of this. Also, some young people who combine energy drinks with alcohol die of dehydration.

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